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The European organisations

a French charity offering individual, long educational walks in a foreign country, with the aim of providing young people a new future


a Flemish Belgian charity (the inspiration for Seuil) offering long educational walks


Italian charities offering educational walks


a new Dutch charity offering educational walks


a German University focused on social work training that led an Erasmus-sponsored BA Network project in 2018


Six European organisations involved in young people in great social difficulty, are working together on a feasibility study concerning breakaway stays and their promotion to institutions, charities and the general public in each country (France, Belgium, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands). The organisations are Seuil (France), Alba (Belgium), Lunghi Cammini and Cammina Menti/Strade Maestre (Italy), Fachhochschule Dresden (Germany) and Peelgrijn (The Netherlands)...

The group, called BreakAway Network, benefits from the financial support of ERASMUS+ for a preliminary study, with the aim of launching a major study between 2024 and 2026.

In the preliminary phase, a questionnaire is being sent out and replies analysed by all six partners ; respondents include social workers and directors from both the judicial and social institutions ; other charities and non-governmental organisations (NGOs) from all five countries and experts involved in work to help young people in social difficulty find a new future.

Results of the preliminary project are expected by summer, 2023 ; defining, financing and rolling out the major project will be decided thereafter.

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